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Proposed Projects

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We are asking the State Legislature to give Maricopa County the authority to hold an election to extend this same half cent sales tax for another 25 years to:

  • Construct the SR 30, a new east/west freeway in the Southwest Valley from Loop 303 to Loop 202 South Mountain

  • Extend the SR24 freeway in the Southeast Valley to Ironwood Drive

  • Construct 11.9 miles of new light rail capital extensions to the State Capitol, ASU West and West Phoenix

  • New freeway offramps on the I-10, I-17, the 303, SR 87, and US 60

  • Intersection improvements throughout the Valley

  • Freeway widening on the I-10, I-17, Loop 101, Loop 202, SR 51 and the US 60

  • Bike lane and sidewalk improvements throughout Maricopa County

  • Dial-a-ride for seniors

  • Paratransit for people with disabilities

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