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CEO of Valley Metro, Scott Smith


"So we want to make sure that it's on your mind to recognize that investments in transportation especially light rail transportation does make a difference, and your taxes, if you're a voter in Maricopa County, you do make a difference."

-ABC 15 

Transportation Planning Program Manager at MAG,

Audra Koester Thomas


“As we see a lot of folks becoming our neighbors, coming from different parts of the country, we need to make sure that we’re ready for that development and investing in transportation and having a long-term revenue source such as this half-cent sales tax, it’s instrumental in doing so.


State Director AARP Arizona Dana Marie Kennedy, MSW 


"We strongly believe that all Arizonans should have access to transportation choices to connect with their community and the services they need. Arizona’s transportation plan should both enhance existing transportation options, while also planning ahead by funding new innovations in transportation."  

-AARP Arizona 

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