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Our Investment

Learn more about the roads that got us here and why the Prop. 400 extension is essential for our state to move forward. 

In 2004, once again, regional governments and business leaders came together to pass Proposition 400, a 20-year extension of the half cent sales tax to fund:

  • Construction of Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway and Loop 303 Estrella Freeway

  • Additional lanes on I-10, I-17, SR 51, Loop 101 and Loop 202

  • Improvements to US 60 Grand Avenue

  • Improvements to 36 intersections

  • Construction of more than 225 miles of new or improved roadways

  • Contributions towards bus service on the regional supergrid and “Express” commuter bus service

  • Construction of light rail extensions in Mesa, Tempe and Phoenix

  • Regionwide paratransit service for seniors and persons with disabilities.

"Voters passed Proposition 300 in 1985 and Proposition 400 in 2004, which have played a large part in shaping the region. Combined, the Propositions delivered Loops 101, 202, and 303, light rail, arterial street investments, and contributions to a growing multimodal networka total investment of over $12 billion."

Maricopa Association of Governments

613f85a4173508966384bde3_MAG_Map_P300 and P400 Projects_P7_1200X1200_FINAL-p-1080 (1).jpeg

The cost of doing nothing.

What happens if the sales tax is not extended?

According to the Scenario Planning Report released by MAG, the no extension scenario assumes our current regional sales tax (Proposition 400) expires in 2025 and is not renewed.
  • The only transportation dollars left to spend are limited federal funds and declining gas tax revenues
  • That $ would be used for ongoing operations and limited improvements to the current system
  • We would not be able to build new facilities, expand our transit system, or engage in region-wide activities designed to help optimize the existing network
Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 2.15.47 PM.png
cost of doing nothing

Proposition 400 is due to expire in 2025 and voters would need to approve a new plan by November of this year for this investment to continue. The current plan is severely outdated, and we need to begin to implement a more modern plan that will continue to advance our region’s economic strength and growth. Without it, this is what Arizona is faced with: 

Increase in our region’s population between 2025 and 2050.



Increase in the number of roadway segments with a failing level of service in the PM peak (2pm - 6pm)

76 hours

Amount of time each commuter in our region will spend in traffic congestion per year under the no-extension scenario

The amount congestion will increase on our designated freight corridors


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