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Keep Arizona moving forward.

Support the Prop. 400 extension.
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Arizona is one of the fastest-growing states in the country – our population has grown by more than 2 million people in the past 20 years. We need this proposal to maintain our roads to protect our families and the people we care about.

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The Prop 400 extension will provide Providing greater coverage and improved bus service that better matches your needs and schedule.

The Prop 400 extension will enhance the region’s “grid” street network for improved traffic flow, and reimagine street designs to create streets that are safer and function better for all users.

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The Prop 400 extension will provide more bicycle lanes, protected paths and greater connectivity in the off-street path network, providing a safer environment for all users.

Latest News 

Why the Arizona Legislature will shape the future of transportation in Maricopa County

May 2023 


The future of mass transit in Maricopa County is among the hot-button issues at the Legislature this year, and a bill to let the county hold a transportation-tax election is likely one of the last acts lawmakers will take. Why does the county need the Legislature's permission to hold an election in the first place?

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Here’s how extending Proposition 400 benefits Arizona’s economy

March 2023

With Proposition 400 set to lapse in 2025, leaders have been at work to give residents an opportunity to extend the sales tax yet again. In July, however, then-Governor Doug Ducey vetoed the ballot measure that would’ve let voters weigh in on the matter, citing inflation, the costs of administering a special election and a lack of transparency in the bill as reasons. “Proposition 400’s extension is paramount to our long-term success,” Camacho concludes. “I don’t think there’s anything more dangerous than not doing it.”

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